Estimated Tax Payment - Quarter 2


We have been receiving an increased number of phone calls regarding how to tackle identity theft with fraudulent unemployment claims. As tax season starts to get into full swing, we expect more and more people to realize that fraudulent unemployment claims have been made in their name. Should you discover a fraudulent claim, here are some steps to follow. These steps have been provided by the Kansas and Missouri Departments of Labor. If the fraudulent claim is from another state please follow that states guidelines.

If you experience identity theft:

Report It

Notify all three major credit bureaus

Contact ALL financial institutions (banks, credit card agencies, etc.)

Create an account with Social Security Administration

Notify the IRS

Request a copy of your Wage & Income Transcript from the IRS

Report identity theft with the Federal Trade Commission

The Department of Labor believes that the fraud stems from past security breaches at credit card agencies, banks, etc. that have occurred in the last 15 years. The best way to get more information is to contact your state’s Department of Labor directly.

IRS Guidance

More info on Form 1099-G:

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